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About Me

Roxanne Boudrot

Hi, I’m Roxanne Boudrot and I help local service businesses, get more exposure, boost traffic, and generate leads.

I’ve been working in the service industry since I was in my teens, and I know margins are tight and you’re stretched thin with everything on your plate. So that means you can’t afford to gamble your money on unproven marketing ideas, and you can’t wait forever for it to work.

So, I’ve developed a lead generation system specifically for you that offers high ROI without the steep cost of ads. My system doesn’t require you to do anything (I’ll take care of everything), and produces results fast.

A little bit about who I am: I love traveling, learning new languages and trying new foods. In my spare time I volunteer teaching English as a Second Language. I find if fascinating to learn about different cultures, especially the people and the food! My desire is to walk with you step by step and celebrate with you in your success.

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