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Ukrainian refugees thanking Moldovans for taking them in.

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Meet Elisei & Mariana Cozima

Elisei & Mariana

This is from their newsletter sent out Thursday, March 10, 2022. 

Dear friends and partners, 

First of all we want to tell you that so far we are safe and well, even our country is at the border to Ukraine and there have been attacks near our borders.
There are informations circulating, we don't know if it's true or not, that if Ukraine will lose this war our country can be next. We pray and hope this will not happen and the peace will come soon.

Prayers all around the globe are raised to the throne of God, hands come together to serve, and all efforts are mobilized to ease the suffering of the Ukrainian nation.

Literally overnight our country Moldova, one of the smallest and poorest country in Europe, became hope for thousands of people fleeing from war. According to figures, since the invasion began, about 150 000 Ukrainian refugees passed through our borders and the number is only increasing. The government of Moldova is taking all possible measures. Besides hotels, camps and other facilities, large open spaces are transformed into temporary asylums. But we realize that in such a time as this, the Church of Jesus Christ is entrusted with the most special mission – to bring the message of God’s love.

We want to thank you for being close to us with every prayer you raise to God. Our Cru office continues to provide shelter and food, provision, juridical assistance, medical help, any other service needed in times of crisis, numerous Gospel conversations, but most of all our listening ears and prayers. Some stories are heart breaking, yet there is so much gratitude for help and hope that the situation will change. So now we are full time involving in this ministry.

So far more than 400 Ukrainian refugees have passed through our center. We also rented a camp to provide a warm place for 260 refugees, both women and children.